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Remember in 1993 when Jurassic Park was like…the end all, be all of special effects?


not gonna lie that still looks intimately real

Since the T-Rex was an animatronic half of the time and not all CGI, much of it still looks freaking amazing. You’re looking at a real thing moving on screen that looks exactly the way it did on screen twenty years ago. To me it’s still one of the most impressive and goddamn coolest animatronics ever built, if not THE coolest.

CGI on the other hand ages like milk. No matter how impressive it is fresh, it will still taste off given enough time. And that time is incredibly short.

Hipster horseshit!  The money shot of the t-rex roar still holds up today.  Fucking over 20 years later!


Red Lotus Band by Ki-Hyun Ryu

I’d like to think they’re playing this…

No regrets.

No regrets.


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i hope everyone realizes now and will learn from this: but networks often orchestrate the failures of shows (particularly your favorite animated cartoons) because someone on high said so. Korra has a lot of flaws that I take issue with but its…

I don’t doubt there’s some exec fuckery responsible for a lot of this, but let’s not pretend like the show itself is entirely without fault.  Execs have a responsibility to their network to make decisions that will bring the most amount of money and dropping a show that aint doing the numbers they want it to and let’s face facts: Korra weren’t doing them numbers.  I can’t blame a business for behaving exactly like a business behaves.

Even the most diehard Korra fan has to acknowledge that Korra did not start out strong.  Books Air and Spirits are widely acknowledged to be uneven with some serious narrative issues for both.  Audiences are already pretty damn fickle, and for a show trying to straddle the line between ‘cartoon’ and ‘serious drama’, that line be even more tenuous.  It’s perfectly reasonable to assume people just got tired of waiting for this show to reach its full potential, especially when you consider just how expensive this damn thing must be to produce.

I’m not saying it aint shitty what’s happening, I’m just saying I aint exactly surprised.

I don’t always reblog kitten gifs…but when I do…

I bring the appropriate soundtrack.


Dangerous criminals



Dangerous criminals



"Helping people— that’s what I do.”

"Conflict resolution— it’s what I do.”

Look at her face there. That’s confidence right there. That’s maturity right there. That’s her being proud of herself — something she really didn’t have in the first two books, and I’m just so happy for her that she finally found her place, that she finally feels worthy of wearing her title as Avatar.

Really?  Cause that expression tells me she’s baked as shit.







Learning Aang was a parent who played favoritism towards his three kids and made the other two feel inferior because of bending


Watching Zuko, who can’t capture a single one of the four fugitives when he’s a mater Firebender


Hearing that…


Okay, here we go again:

"Zuko took on Azula who is an amazing Frebender, easily more powerful than these fugitives."

How do you know that?  What evidence are you drawing from that proves this statement to be unequivocally true without question?  I’m genuinely curious to know considering how little context you are giving that backs it up and how much evidence is given to disprove it.

Azula was a prodigy…for her age, but she was she was still a child and only one person.  Zuko is taking on three simultaneous benders so dangerous as to be imprisoned in their individual prisons, including the one guy who was not a bender for the majority of his life.

I agree he was too weak, but it’s a short action sequence and he’s not the main focus and it really doesn’t inform his character one way or the other, so I’m not about to call character assassination because they didn’t have ten minutes to show him wanking fire at us.

"Aang never wanted to be the Avatar in the first place, he hated all the pressure he was under and that was a HUGE part of his character, living up to expectations."

…of being The Avatar, not an airbender.  He didn’t want to deal with the responsibilities that title put on him, but he’s repeatedly shown to have incredible reverence for his own culture.  There’s rarely an episode that goes by where we don’t hear him say, “The monks used to say…Even as a child, ATLA made it clear that whatever he thinks of being the Avatar, he values his own culture with level of intensity that is perfectly in-line with the behavior established in Korra.

"Toph searching for enlightenment is completely out of character, she was very do-things-her-own-way”

She was also twelve years old.   See, a funny thing happens when you grow the hell up: ya change.  Your perspective changes, your desires change.  You.  Change.  Frankly, that simple truth applies to all your statements, however ATLA also made it a point of having her realize the ‘do-mah-own-thing’ attitude was something she should change.  They devoted an entire episode to it for chrissakes!

"There are always room for flaws in characters and that’s what makes them interesting.  But they still have to be flaws that make sense to the character and the development of said character must match-up.”

Which is why I’m so impressed with this season so far.  I absolutely loathed Air, and Book 2 left me pretty ‘meh’, but one of the better aspects of it was the fact that they were willing present their main character from their last show as someone who grew up with natural human flaws.  I don’t know a lotta shows, animated or otherwise, that are willing to do that and it really helped to add believable and engaging drama to an otherwise tepid franchise, and Change is doing that so right because it understands what you don’t so much that it’s right there in the title.

Change: It’s what people do.

Hey man, why so upset?  I was just explaining my opinion.  Last thing I wanted to do was upset somebody. O.o

Well first off, you’re ranting about how these changes are out of character and you are basically wrong.  Incorrect.  Not.  Right.

Aaaaand it frustrates me when people can’t see nuance in a show that has been in such desperate desperate need of it.  This is a series that appears to have been half the product of its creators and half a response to its…’enthusiastic’ fanbase and it shows just how dangerous fan pandering can be.  I speak of course to Makorra, which no one is ever going to convince me was not a direct result of Zutara.  Not the actual relationship mind you, but the way they presented it, which train wrecked the character development of everyone involved in it and still makes that first season absolutely unbearable to watch and for which half of season 2 was basically a surgical procedure to remove that cancerous tumor.

Point being this fandom has a unprecedented amount of influence over the direction this franchise takes and now that it’s finally living up to its dramatic potential, the last thing it needs is another derailment from fans who are actively wrong about how character development works.

I agree with one of the original points and disagree with the others (and thus agree with all of the refutations but one), but I’m not clear on what you’re saying in this latest reply.

Are you saying that because the Avatar creators are hyper-sensitive to internet fan stuff, people shouldn’t post their opinions online? Or just certain opinions?

Because I think that’s more a problem with the creators who are trawling tumblr looking for story direction than the fans who have opinions, ill-considered or otherwise.

True enough, but it still results in a bad end either way, regardless of who’s to blame.  Just sayin…